DIY Tile Installation | Surface Prep to Layout and Setting

For the DYI, here are a few steps for proper tile installation. Installing ceramic tile is not hard by any means, just follow these step and have some patience and everything will fall into place.


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gkass tukeI am glad to see the good work of Tile Installation and Repair Help Blog is not being wasted. Having had to ask the former , somewhat unprofessional tile installer/ blogger from that site ends up helping Ask Tile Installation and Repair Help Blog retain it’s good ethical image.  Rather than promote another skilled labor service one-man show-one without proper training, techniques and applications or knowledge of the basic industry standards set forth by multiple tile boards across the state, the help blog will be run as it was originally intended. If one of our skilled labor service businesses is fully licensed and insured, then we can count on their expertise being just that-the experience of an expert. While hands on training and years of experience are priceless and valuable, there is a need for structure, boundaries, guides, standards and minimum requirements in order to meet the tile boards’ expectations and for you to get stamp of approval. Ignorance is not bliss in this case, so all that share will be prefaced with a disclaimer so our readers understand without the proper credentials, any guest blogger must realise that information prior to sharing experiences and knowledge with readers. Other contractors and skilled laborors will be encouraged to provide either support, more experience and/or feedback to all our  writers. The hope is between this “community” of ethical, hardworking, skilled and passionate skilled trade businesses, we’ll have a healthy community of varied levels of expertise and skills, experience and education. Our readers will get a balanced and unique view of simple to intricate tile and flooring/home improvement projects, so they can make well educated, knowledgable decisions. And there will be no divas since we are all there willing to listen and learn, share and grow, provide examples and proof when needed, and basically present ourselves as the professionals we are but without the arrogance and lack of humility some struggle with instead of admitting limitations. That’s the goal. In the mix, several awesome, deserving, hardworking companies will get incredible exposure and opportunities for online branding and SEO website presence development on one of the top contractor help blogs North of Boston. With over 62000 readers, from all over the state[s] and Internationally, any small or local business would be foolish not to jump at this opportunity-which I don’t imagine will be available for too long at least at this level of openness and novelty.  Contact me as soon as possible if interested in contributing to our help blog community. Tell me about you; tell me about your business and how/why/where you learned your specific skill sets and what makes you the best? It’s easy and efficient, and you get to pay it forward while building your business. Win-Win.

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Making a Difference Network

A Helping Hand

Society is far too focused on what they can take, instead of what they can give back. Times are hard for so many, and yet it is those small blessing, such as a roof over head or a full stomach, that are all too often over looked. Instead of demanding more, we must step back and take a look at what we do have. Having a truly thankful outlook changes our entire perspective on life.

Making a difference to others is one of lifes greatest blessings. Doing the right thing, however hard or unnoticed, may not reap instantaneous rewards; but in the end, helping others is a reward in itself. Individuals and local businesses giving back to the community sets the foundation for paying it forward. Companies that exemplify ethical business practices play an essential role in offering a hand to those who can not help themselves.

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